Off Season Acquisitions- Boston Bruins

In this 31 piece segment I will be looking at every NHL team and talking about moves in the off season that would make the most sense.

Boston is an interesting team. They were arguably the best team in the league from January until April.

In this coming Junes NHL Entry Draft the Bruins posses five draft picks without a selection in the 1st or 5th round. They traded their first round selection to the Rangers with other players to acquire Rick Nash. And that is the first thing I would be looking at if I were the Bruins. The price they paid for Nash was steep which makes the signing of Rick Nash almost a necessity for the right price.

This past season Rick Nash made just shy of $8 Million and that is an absurd number for someone who will be 34 next season especially for 34 points. If the Bruins can sign Nash for $4 Million contract for one season he could be a real asset for them next season. The Bruins also have several Unrestricted Free Agents(UFA) and the only one I would be looking to keep is Riley Nash likely a $1-2 Million contract over 2 years.

The biggest question that follow the Bruins into next season is likely in net. The Bruins have Rask signed for another 3 seasons at $7 Million per season however they don’t have a backup signed and with the goalie market this off season being not great I’d look for them to maybe look at Chad Johnson or potentially trading a players rights (Riley Nash) to the Leafs for one of the Restricted Free Agent (RFA) goalies likely Pickard.

I fully expect the Bruins to look almost the same as the team that tore the NHL apart for four months next season. If they add a backup goalie to take some pressure off of Rask I think they have a legitimate chance to win the Atlantic.

Thanks for reading and check out yesterdays piece of off season moves for the Ducks . Let me know if you agree with what I foresee the Bruins doing this off season.




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