Off season acquisitions- Anaheim Ducks

In this 31 piece segment I will be looking at every NHL team and talking about moves in the off season that would make the most sense.

Anaheim is obviously first on the list and their in a real funny situation. On one hand you have a team that just made the playoffs however based on their first round it didn’t look like they belonged.

Anaheim has 7 draft picks in this Junes draft, with no 7th round pick and two 3rd round selections. They also have roughly $3 million in cap space (as per Cap Friendly) at this current moment and you can only expect the salary cap to go up.

Perry and Getzlaf are the heart of the franchise and are under contract for another three seasons and Kesler for another four years and those three players account for $23.75 in cap space I expect these three to be back next year, however don’t be surprised if Perry gets asked to waive his no move so they can explore that option.

The Ducks have a relatively young defensive core Lindholm, Fowler, Montour and Manson are all 26 years old or younger so there is no need to mess with that. The only slight changes that will happen is maybe a move for a lower end depth defense man. Maybe a free agent such as Jason Garrison but that is on the more expensive end. My go to for the Ducks bottom pairing defense would be Thomas Hickey a 29 year old left handed defense man who played on the Islanders this past season so you have to think he wants out. The Ducks could probably get away with offering him between $2-$2.5 Million over 2 years.

And finally the goal tending simply put do not change anything. 3 goalies are currently on the roster John Gibson, Ryan Miller, and Reto Berra¬† and at only $5 million combined cap hit. Ryan Miller isn’t the goalie he was in Buffalo but he’s still capable of somewhere between 15-25 games. Last season he played 28 games and was a .928 goalie that’s incredibly respectable especially when paired with John Gibson who could very well be the best goalie under 25 currently playing in the NHL.

So to recap the only thing the Ducks need to do is add a little bit more defensive stability to remain relevant in the pacific, however as I said don’t be surprised if you hear rumors about Perry especially as the draft approaches.


Thanks for reading, Let me know if you agree or disagree


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