Brad Marchand is the Best rat to every play Hockey

Brad Marchand is undoubtedly a rat, however he’s a darn good one and he knows it.

Part of the reason every person to watch hockey with the exception of Bruin’s fans hate Marchand so much is because he’s so damn good. It also doesn’t help that he rubs it in your face (or in recent cases licks).

Over his career Marchand has been phenomenal he’s played in 602 games with the Bruins, scored 459 points and has a shooting percentage of almost 16% (15.8% to be exact). He plays with an edge for sure and most of the time comes ever so close to crossing the edge but man oh man is he ever an important piece to the Bruins success.

This past season for the Bruins Marchand put up 85 points, that’s respectable not out of this world but pretty darn good. But in those 85 points 62 of them came in wins for the Bruins. I don’t know whether the Bruins show up and play harder when Brad’s going or he shows up and plays harder when the Bruins aren’t going. But when the Bruins win it’s safe to bet that number 63 will be on the score sheet.

While the Leafs and Bruins were matched up in round one I heard a lot of Leafs fans claiming that Marchand gets away with everything at TD Garden because the fans are so loud and present in the game (much like the bell center). After a little bit of digging that is so disgustingly false. Marchand this season while playing at home had 47 penalty minutes which amounts to about 20.5 penalties at home. While playing on the road he had just 16 minutes in penalties which is about 8.

Now I’m not sitting here trying to say Marchand doesn’t deserve the reputation he has. Just from my memory he’s been suspended for Elbowing, Clipping and slew footing as well as being fined somewhere in the range of $17,000 over his career and I don’t even want to touch his whole licking thing and how anyone can think that’s a good idea.

I’m a Leafs fan and I hate Marchand just as much as the next guy but if you take a step back and look at the talent that this man posses he very well might be one of the if not the best “rat” to ever play in the NHL.

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