Nazem Kadri Suspension

Nazem Kadri was suspended three games for a very questionable hit on the Bruins Wingels.

Kadri was suspended for boarding, charging and hitting Wingels in the head and it was honestly reasonable. Kadri was playing on the edge all night in game one and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see he was going to do something stupid. He came at Wingels from half way across the ice, it was a boarding penalty and he left his feet while making contact with his head.

Now I’m an avid Leafs fan and I thought three games was just about right. Watching the hit live I assumed he would get no more than two but looking back at the play three games makes sense. It sucks for the Leafs because Kadri is a key piece of the Toronto Maple Leafs however as I’ve already said, it was a stupid hit and if Marchand hit someone like that Leaf fans would be screaming bloody murder.

I’m always aware that Wingels elbowed Marner two seconds prior to getting drilled by Kadri. But the truth is it was a hockey play, you could have justified an elbowing penalty but claiming Wingels tried to hurt Marner is outlandish.

If the Leafs fan base want to hate the way Marchand plays that’s just fine. However if the fans are going to rip Marchand for the way he plays they need to recognize when one of their own crosses the line.

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