Hart Trophy Ballot

In the theme of disclosure I would suggest that every single voters ballot looks exactly as follows

First place- Taylor Hall

Second place- Nathan Mackinnon

Third place- Claude Giroux

Taylor Hall deserves to be the Hart trophy winner based on the fact he put up 93 points this season. That isn’t outstanding by any means, it’s solid however the next highest Devils scorer was in the 50’s! he had 40 more points than the next highest scorer on his team. Without Taylor Hall the Devils do not make the playoffs.

Nathan Mackinnon deserves the consideration he’s going to get because he was the best player on a last place team that flipped to a playoff team that’s no small task. Mackinnon was the best player for Colorado from December-April which is again no small task.

Finally Claude Giroux should be on a ballot because again without him the Flyers likely are not a playoff team. It’s almost that simple with all three of the players listed above. Without the players named above those three teams are likely not in the playoffs at this moment in time.

All three of these players deserve every accolade that will be given to them once the season wraps up in June.

Thanks for reading

W, Smith

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