Is TFC in trouble?

Toronto FC won the MLS cup last season and started the new season 0-2. Is it a cause for concern?

Putting it in the simplest terms, no. TFC won the MLS cup last season and have only played 2 games thus far, while in the midst of their CONCACAF Champions League competition as well. Currently in the Eastern Conference TFC is 9 points back of the New York City FC. That’s three wins they play New York City FC twice this season.

If TFC losses another four or five games in a row sure, maybe start thinking about what’s going on. Right in this moment though two games into the season TFC is still the best team in the MLS. Two games isn’t a big enough sample size to argue over the MLS cup last October.

I’ll make a bold prediction to end this piece simply to prove how unfathomable worrying about TFC is. Come next October TFC will be playing for the MLS cup for the third year in a row. TFC has their roster back from last season and I’ve beaten this point a little bit, but last season was pretty impressive!

Thanks for reading, check out my last post as well predicting how the south region for round one would play out for. 2018 March Madness South Region


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