Should Taylor Hall be a Hart Finalist?

Edmonton’s first overall pick is finally panning out…For New Jersey

In his second year with the New Jersey Devils Taylor Hall is making a case to be a finalist for the Hart Trophy. Now at this point in the season the list is long for players who might deserve a nomination, however if the Devils miss the playoffs the argument will be rather strong against him.

The last player to win the Hart Trophy on a non playoff team was none other than Mario Lemieux. Taylor Hall is putting together a Hart Caliber season though. He has 74 points in 64 games, and of course there was the ridiculous 26 game point streak. Unfortunately that hasn’t been enough to secure the Devils a safe spot in the playoffs. Currently the Devils sit in a wild card spot with 78 points but there’s about a handful of teams within 4 points of them.

Taylor Hall has finally figured out what he has to do to remain a constant force in the NHL. That’s not to say he wasn’t a good player in his days with Edmonton however he wasn’t ever a 30 goal scorer with the Oilers and he’s only 6 points off his career best 80, in 9 less games played thus far.

In my opinion Taylor Hall should absolutely be in the conversation for the Hart, but if his Devils miss the playoffs I think it’s hard for him to make a case that he’s the MVP of the league. I think it’s unfortunate that the defining measure is a playoff birth but only three players get nominated every year, and the fact is there are players who have solidified a playoff spot who are having equally good years.


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