What does Jarvis Landry do for the Browns?

Jarvis Landry has been traded to the Cleveland Browns for two draft picks.

So first things first, I love this move by the Browns. Landry doesn’t normally come to mind when thinking legitimate number one receivers in the NFL, however I have a feeling it’s going to change. Landry is a phenomenal pass catcher which the browns don’t currently have. Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman are good receivers but always seem to break under the pressure (Corey Coleman’s drop to secure an 0-16 season.)

Jarvis Landry has 400 career receptions  which is 88 more than the ENTIRE Browns team last season which is of course just obscured! Jarvis Landry is a reliable receiver which will undoubtedly help the Browns young QB next season, whether that’s Kizer or one drafted this coming April.

The Dolphins are of course losing a weapon in their offense however received a pick for this coming draft(2018) and one for next seasons(2019). The specifics of the picks have yet to be released but in my opinion it’s probably a 3rd and 5th round pick coming to Miami.

If I had to decide a winner on the deal I’d have to say the Browns. Not only are they loaded with picks so losing two isn’t the end of the world, but they addressed a need that was so blatantly obvious without having to give up any of the young talent they’ve acquired in the previous drafts.

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